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Why call this community Serendipity Circles?
Way back in the 1970’s I was in a program that defined serendipity as surprise of the Spirit!. I thought it was a fun word and saying it put a smile on my face every time I said it. The meaning was open to profound interpretations and it sparked in me feelings of curiosity and delight.  Just like f!reworks - joyful anticipation of what’s to come!!!
Welcome to Serend!p!ty Circles!
I am delighted you have found this wise and alive community!
We are a community of women and men who are aware of the
importance of consciously evolving into an awakened life!
I invite you to come and gather with us.
You will be welcomed into the sacred circles with enthusiasm & joy!
"Being part of one of Mary's circles blesses me in many ways. She always attracts amazing women to her circles - and it seems that each time I am in one of them, many very heartwarming, fulfilling and clarifying things happen. My intuition deepens and I find that I become more connected to Me and others. And... we always have a lot of fun! "
~  Anne B.

"Mary Welch offers a coaching style that facilitates your reconnecting with your inner self
and her retreats offer a way for you to do this in a group setting which offers an experience of empathic community love and support.  At a Serendipity  retreat or workshop you are truly nourished and renewed in deep and vital ways which will enrich your life and add joy to your journey!"
~ Darcie L.

Serendipity Circles is a heart-centered, dynamic,  coaching and facilitation service that designs  awareness programs to enrich lives.

  Gather people together in safe and sacred circles to co-create experiences that transform their individual lives and our collective consciousness.
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Circles are a universal symbol of feminine energy.
It is said they are the most sacred of all natural shapes. They speak to us of totality and wholeness, of unity and receptivity, of equality and inclusiveness, of comfort and nourishment, of endless motion and fulfillment. Circles are a container to softly hold our stories and gently invite us to move beyond our stories into the fullness of our truest self...loving, powerful, fearless, and brilliant!"

I deeply believe each one of us is creative, resourceful, and wise. When we gather together and share the wisdom we have gained from our life experiences, we empower one another to live our lives from a place of gratitude and joy; and we are supported in embracing and celebrating all the experiences of our lives.

The programs of Serendipity Circles will support you in deepening your understanding of Self in an atmosphere of respect, truth, joy and love. All the circles, workshops, and retreats are unique. Each one has a different focus and stands on its own, and each one emphasizes the beingness of who you are. All of them are an opportunity to rest, reflect, and be re-energized; and all of them will fill you with delightful discoveries and wonderful memories!